Paul-sqI’m Paul Cezanne, the author of this blog. I’m an iOS developer and have been coding professionally since, well, let’s just say a long time. I do contract iOS programming under the Enki Labs banner and I also founded Long Point Labs to build our multi-player iOS “Ferret” game.  I am currently employed by Vivoom, an iOS video Effects startup based out of Cambridge, MA.

I’m a graduate of MIT with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering and have worked at companies of all sizes ranging from a startup that we founded in a corner of a Chinese restaurant all the way up to Eastman Kodak. You can check out my LinkedIn profile, as well as my StackOverflow profile. I also have an online portfolio but you’ll need the password for that.

I’m also a gallery represented photographer, represented by the Charles Baltivik Gallery in Provincetown, MA, you can see some of my work online at NotTheDeadPaulCezanne.

I started this blog because I’ve found the online iOS community to be an invaluable aid to programming. A good engineer knows that cut/paste programming is a really bad idea, but still, a good engineer also knows to not reinvent the wheel. I believe in code re-use so when I find a snippet of code, I modify it to suit my needs and then package it up to be as generic as possible. Since the the community has helped me, I feel it is only right to give back.

Feel free to contact me!

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